Chrome Tabs Slide With Constant Deceleration

After an exciting few days of popular writing, I have to announce, with great sadness, that I have to go back for now. I thought of writing an epilogue to the Uttarakhand series for the sake of completeness, but got bored halfway and turned it into a fictional short story. So, today, we will be finding out the equations of motion of the tabs of the popular web browser, Google Chrome. Absolute pointlessness. When you drag a Chrome tab in the same window, and let it go, it slides back to where it was before. My scheme was to drag the tab to one end and take lots of screenshots (like the ones above) as it slid back. I then tracked the tab with these images. It takes about 0.14 seconds for a tab to slide back to zero position if you leave it from the end. I managed to get 61 screenshots within that time using the GIMP Drawing Kit library. A few minutes later with PIL and matplotlib, I got this: The x-axis is the time and the y-axis is displacement from the rest position. The smooth curve is the (quadratic) polynomial approximation.?Specifically, the deceleration according to my calculations is 97,449 pixels/second^2. The starting velocity is 13,751 pixels/second. This was probably not the best way to find this out. If anyone has other ideas, feel free to mock me. PS: My screen resolution is 1366x768 and refresh rate was 60Hz. I thought of increasing my refresh rate but didn't finally.